Index of values

action [Curl.Multi]

action mt fd status informs libcurl about event on the specified socket.

action_all [Curl.Multi]

perform pending data transfers (if any) on all handles currently in multi stack (not recommended, Curl.Multi.action should be used instead)

action_timeout [Curl.Multi]

inform libcurl that timeout occured

add [Curl.Multi]

add handle to multi stack

cleanup [Curl.Multi]

destroy multi handle (all transfers are stopped, but individual Curl.t handles can be reused)

cleanup [Curl]
create [Curl.Multi]

create new multi stack

curlCode_of_int [Curl]

same as int_of_curlCode

errno [Curl]
escape [Curl]
get_activesocket [Curl]
get_certinfo [Curl]
get_conditionunmet [Curl]
get_connecttime [Curl]
get_contentlengthdownload [Curl]
get_contentlengthupload [Curl]
get_contenttype [Curl]
get_cookielist [Curl]
get_effectiveurl [Curl]
get_filetime [Curl]
get_ftpentrypath [Curl]
get_headersize [Curl]
get_http_version [Curl]
get_httpauthavail [Curl]
get_httpcode [Curl]
get_httpconnectcode [Curl]
get_lastsocket [Curl]
get_localip [Curl]
get_localport [Curl]
get_namelookuptime [Curl]
get_numconnects [Curl]
get_oserrno [Curl]
get_pretransfertime [Curl]
get_primaryip [Curl]
get_private [Curl]
get_proxyauthavail [Curl]
get_redirectcount [Curl]
get_redirecttime [Curl]
get_redirecturl [Curl]
get_requestsize [Curl]
get_responsecode [Curl]
get_sizedownload [Curl]
get_sizeupload [Curl]
get_speeddownload [Curl]
get_speedupload [Curl]
get_sslengines [Curl]
get_sslverifyresult [Curl]
get_starttransfertime [Curl]
get_totaltime [Curl]
getdate [Curl]
getinfo [Curl]
global_cleanup [Curl]
global_init [Curl]
global_sslset [Curl]
global_sslset_str [Curl]
global_sslsetavail [Curl]
global_sslsetavail_str [Curl]
init [Curl]
int_of_curlCode [Curl]
pause [Curl]

flags set the new state, ie to unpause - pass empty list

perform [Curl.Multi]

perform pending data transfers (if any) on all handles currently in multi stack

perform [Curl]
poll [Curl.Multi]

poll till there are some active data transfers on multi stack.

proceed [Curl]
remove [Curl.Multi]

remove handle from multi stack (effectively halting the transfer)

remove_finished [Curl.Multi]

remove finished handle from the multi stack if any.

reset [Curl]

Reset t to the default state

set_autoreferer [Curl]
set_buffersize [Curl]
set_cainfo [Curl]
set_capath [Curl]
set_certinfo [Curl]
set_closepolicy [Curl]
set_connect_to [Curl]
set_connectonly [Curl]
set_connecttimeout [Curl]
set_connecttimeoutms [Curl]
set_cookie [Curl]
set_cookiefile [Curl]
set_cookiejar [Curl]
set_cookielist [Curl]
set_copypostfields [Curl]
set_crlf [Curl]
set_customrequest [Curl]
set_debugfunction [Curl]
set_dns_servers [Curl]
set_dnscachetimeout [Curl]
set_dnsuseglobalcache [Curl]
set_doh_url [Curl]
set_egdsocket [Curl]
set_encoding [Curl]
set_errorbuffer [Curl]
set_failonerror [Curl]
set_filetime [Curl]
set_followlocation [Curl]
set_forbidreuse [Curl]
set_freshconnect [Curl]
set_ftpaccount [Curl]
set_ftpalternativetouser [Curl]
set_ftpappend [Curl]
set_ftpcreatemissingdirs [Curl]
set_ftpfilemethod [Curl]
set_ftplistonly [Curl]
set_ftpport [Curl]
set_ftpresponsetimeout [Curl]
set_ftpskippasvip [Curl]
set_ftpssl [Curl]
set_ftpsslauth [Curl]
set_ftpsslccc [Curl]
set_ftpuseeprt [Curl]
set_ftpuseepsv [Curl]
set_header [Curl]
set_headerfunction [Curl]
set_http200aliases [Curl]
set_httpauth [Curl]
set_httpcontentdecoding [Curl]
set_httpget [Curl]
set_httpheader [Curl]
set_httppost [Curl]
set_httpproxytunnel [Curl]
set_httptransferdecoding [Curl]
set_httpversion [Curl]
set_ignorecontentlength [Curl]
set_infilesize [Curl]
set_infilesizelarge [Curl]
set_interface [Curl]
set_ioctlfunction [Curl]
set_ipresolve [Curl]
set_krb4level [Curl]
set_localport [Curl]
set_localportrange [Curl]
set_login_options [Curl]
set_lowspeedlimit [Curl]
set_lowspeedtime [Curl]
set_mailfrom [Curl]
set_mailrcpt [Curl]
set_maxconnects [Curl]
set_maxfilesize [Curl]
set_maxfilesizelarge [Curl]
set_maxrecvspeedlarge [Curl]
set_maxredirs [Curl]
set_maxsendspeedlarge [Curl]
set_mimepost [Curl]
set_netrc [Curl]
set_netrcfile [Curl]
set_newdirectoryperms [Curl]
set_newfileperms [Curl]
set_nobody [Curl]
set_noprogress [Curl]
set_nosignal [Curl]
set_opensocketfunction [Curl]
set_password [Curl]
set_pipewait [Curl]
set_post [Curl]
set_post301 [Curl]
set_postfields [Curl]
set_postfieldsize [Curl]
set_postfieldsizelarge [Curl]
set_postquote [Curl]
set_postredir [Curl]
set_private [Curl]
set_progressfunction [Curl]

callback returns whether transfer should be interrupted, ie return false to continue transfering

set_protocols [Curl]
set_proxy [Curl]
set_proxyauth [Curl]
set_proxyport [Curl]
set_proxytransfermode [Curl]
set_proxytype [Curl]

current implementation is faulty ref val set_closesocketfunction : t -> (Unix.file_descr -> unit) -> unit

set_proxyuserpwd [Curl]
set_put [Curl]
set_quote [Curl]
set_randomfile [Curl]
set_range [Curl]
set_readfunction [Curl]

readfunction n should return string of length at most n, otherwise transfer will be aborted (as if with exception)

set_readfunction2 [Curl]
set_redirprotocols [Curl]
set_referer [Curl]
set_resolve [Curl]

set_resolve t add del adjusts builtin dns mapping

set_resumefrom [Curl]
set_resumefromlarge [Curl]
set_seekfunction [Curl]
set_socket_function [Curl.Multi]

set the function to receive notifications on what socket events are currently interesting for libcurl on the specified socket handle

set_sshauthtypes [Curl]
set_sshhostpublickeymd5 [Curl]
set_sshkeyfunction [Curl]
set_sshknownhosts [Curl]
set_sshprivatekeyfile [Curl]
set_sshpublickeyfile [Curl]
set_ssl_options [Curl]
set_sslcert [Curl]
set_sslcertpasswd [Curl]
set_sslcerttype [Curl]
set_sslcipherlist [Curl]
set_sslengine [Curl]
set_sslenginedefault [Curl]
set_sslkey [Curl]
set_sslkeypasswd [Curl]
set_sslkeytype [Curl]
set_sslsessionidcache [Curl]
set_sslverifyhost [Curl]
set_sslverifypeer [Curl]
set_sslversion [Curl]
set_tcpfastopen [Curl]
set_tcpnodelay [Curl]
set_timecondition [Curl]
set_timeout [Curl]
set_timeoutms [Curl]
set_timer_function [Curl.Multi]

set the function to receive notification when libcurl internal timeout changes, timeout value is in milliseconds

set_timevalue [Curl]
set_transfertext [Curl]
set_unrestrictedauth [Curl]
set_upload [Curl]
set_url [Curl]
set_useragent [Curl]
set_username [Curl]
set_userpwd [Curl]
set_verbose [Curl]
set_writefunction [Curl]
set_writefunction2 [Curl]
set_xferinfofunction [Curl]
setopt [Curl.Multi]
setopt [Curl]
strerror [Curl]
timeout [Curl.Multi]

timeout mt polls multi handle for timeout (not recommended, use Curl.Multi.set_timer_function instead).

unescape [Curl]
version [Curl]
version_info [Curl]
wait [Curl.Multi]

wait till there are some active data transfers on multi stack